Thursday, August 27, 2009

Personal Prayer

I love the hour of personal prayer we have each day. I'm finding myself desiring and enjoying the individual attention of God. It's just like wanting individual attention of a close friend. I feel very privileged to have this vocation.

Today my directress is taking Marie and I to Cato Falls. We will have our personal prayer time there, in the midst of nature. Very Franciscan way of praying! :)

I am so grateful for this time of spiritual growth. It is so necessary before I begin my apostolate of teaching in three years. I cannot be an effective teacher for my students if I haven't grown in my faith for myself. It's just like what JP2 wrote in his encyclical. It's a wonderful document about how we must evangelize to ourselves first. We need to work on our own spiritual maturity before we can help others with their growth.

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