Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, LAX!

I am currently at LAX (the Los Angeles Airport) waiting to board.

Things have been busy, but enjoyable. Catholic Schools Week was nice, and was worth the extra energy of the children. One of the activities was to beautify the area around the school, and I was fortunate to get to take my students along the beach. My little environmentalists and animal lovers were enthusiastic about this project!

Afterwards, we had a class discussion about the project. The children expressed their sadness that they couldn't get to all of the litter and they were worried about the sea creatures. We were able to turn it into a positive through the course of the discussion (they will never know how many lives they saved that day). 

I showed them the following video that showed me and other Sisters picking up litter alongside Lake Michigan and we talked about how people all over are concerned with keeping the beaches nice:

On Thursday of that week, we traveled to Lydgate Park and had Mass with the other Catholic school on the island (St. Catherine's). While the older grades played a variety of games in the field, my students spent the day on the Kamalani Playground. It is without a doubt the best playground I have ever seen! The children just ran and ran and ran all day. They had a blast! 

Earlier this week, we had another field trip, and we went to Lihue for the Hawaii Youth Symphony's "Listen and Learn Concert." Sister Carol Ann (who teaches music and religion) said that it was the best one she has ever been to, anywhere. The children had a great time, and I was proud that our students were well behaved and well prepared for the concert. The symphony had given us prep materials and CDs in order to prepare the children, and the concert built upon what we covered in class. The conductor was so good with the children, too. 

My substitute teacher will be beginning the school day in an hour, and I am praying that her two days go well. My teacher-friends were right: it is a lot easier to go to work than to plan for a sub. My students are in good hands, though. Their sub is a volunteer at our school and has been teaching art to my students on Wednesdays. She fantastic! 

She has taught them origami and now she is teaching them how to paint.
A couple of these paintings are finished....some are a work in progress.
I am headed to Wisconsin for the Initial Formation Weekend. I will join our other temporary professed Sister, our novice and our postulant for it. I am looking forward to being at the Motherhouse for the weekend. I promised my students I would take pictures of the snow for them, since I can't bring them with me, to all of our disappointment. I told them I would have loved to take them with me so that they could play outside while I was at my meetings. Except I am sure they will enjoy the St. Valentine's Day Party today! 

May you have a wonderful holiday today today, whether you are wearing black for Singles' Awareness Day or red/pink for Valentine's Day.