Monday, August 24, 2009

First Days at the Convent

My postulant directress just allowed the other postulant, Marie, and I some time to check our emails. Yes! So much has been going on that I've been wanting to write in this blog...especially since I saw the movie "Julie & Julia" on Saturday...very cute!

I've been having a lot of fun with all these adventures!

Some how, even though I just about filled my Aunt Judy's SUV, I forgot a few important things, like pants. And to remove my hot pink nail polish. But all is well now.

Oops...time is just about up.

I am working really hard at living in the moment. While in chapel last night, I was looking around at all these sisters in their habits and thinking, "What am I doing here?" Yet, I felt as if God was telling me, "Slow down, Kara. Just enjoy the moment." I felt better.

I played a fun game called "Aggravation" last night with Marie, the novices, and our directresses. It's just like the game "Sorry!" only it is a choking hazard. The pieces look like gum balls.

Today, we registered for classes! I'm very excited for mine:

Ceramics II
Professional Roles and Responsibilities (Intro to Special Ed)
Philosophy of the Human Person
Catholic Beliefs and Practices
Cultural Diversity (and Wisconsin Native Americans)

Time for personal prayer. :)


  1. Kara-
    I am really looking forward to reading your up and coming blogs. I am sure you will be learning a lot, and I am excited to learn from you! Keep us posted, good luck!

  2. Hi, Kara!
    I just got home a little while ago from Aunt Judy and Uncle Mark's cottage. We spent the night there. I had the windows open, listening to the waves, a nice breeze coming into the bedroom. This morning Aunt Mary and I rearranged some furniture that we think Mark will like a lot. Then we had lunch, Mary went home, and Judy and I read our books for a couple of hours on the porch, and we were able to look across the beautiful sparkling water of Lake Michigan and imagine you not far away.
    The ferry ride coming home was much smoother than the morning. It was also more crowded, but not uncomfortable. We played bingo, and Aunt Judy won twice. Since it was Mary's birthday she asked her which prize she wanted. Judy got her a $10 gift certificate to use in the boutique. Mary wanted the pink windbreaker but didn't want to pay full price, so it worked out well. For her 2nd prize Judy selected a mug to have at the cottage.
    It was fun to see the Sisters again. Kind of like going home, it's so comfortable there. We kept wondering what you were doing. I know some of your routine, like when you have morning and evening prayer. And it's nice to be able to picture your living space(s). I wonder how you slept on your first night there. We talked about the beautiful view you have overlooking Silver Lake, and that when the leaves fall, you will see more of the lake. And you will go ice skating right there. And you will be able to wake up to the most beautiful sunrises. Unless you have to rise before the sun does.
    Anyway, I love you, Kara! And I am very, very happy for you!
    All my love and prayers,

  3. Hi- I am from Louisiana and currently discerning religious life and looking into the FSCC. I am enjoying your blog and learning about your experience.

    I thought that aggrevation was a game that my grandfather had made up, but i guess not!

    I will be praying for you!

    I have been in contact with Sister Mary Ann, vocational director, and will hopefully be coming up for retreat in November!

  4. Kara, thank you for letting us share your and Marie's journey as FSCC postulants. Be assured that you are joined in prayer and support through the ordinary and extraordinary moments of this experience.