Saturday, August 29, 2009

I love recreational time

Yesterday, Marie and I tried out the tennis court. We had a lot of fun hitting the tennis ball back and forth (and running after it). Our plan is to continue to play while it's still nice out. Marie used one of the wooden tennis racquets from the convent...I used mine, with the intent of taking turns using the modern racquet. Surprisingly, the antique worked really well for Marie and she continued to play well with it! I am going to grab one of those next time we go out to play.

Sr. Pat showed us where the basketballs are and the gym. I am so excited that Marie loves to play basketball, too! We will get to continue to play in the gym during the winter which is nice.

We got to spend a lot of time with the novices yesterday and today, which has been wonderful! They are so delightful, and it is nice to talk with people who went through the same thing within the past couple of years. Joining a religious community is a big adjustment (I've never prayed this much in my life), and it's refreshing to have people to talk about it with.

Today, I showed them Invisible Children's most recent movie: The Rescue. It is a very important 36 minute video, and if you have not heard of the Invisible Children, I encourage you to watch it. It's not appropriate for children, and it might be difficult for veterans to watch as well. The Invisible Children are children who are forced to be soldiers. Joseph Kony is my generation's Adolf Hitler, and just like the Holocaust, very few people are aware of it.

It is a very sobering video, and we spent some time processing it. It is impossible to watch that film and not be motivated to do something. I have heard that one of the best things we can do is pray, because it is a spiritual war.

Before I joined this community, I attended protests for this cause. Even though I won't be as active as I was, I will still be committed to helping the children in anyway I can.

After we took time to process it, Sr. Natalie brought up a snack for us. Mmm...I love the homemade bread that the people who work in the convent's bakery make! We joked around for awhile. It was a lot of fun. I learned something interesting: it is an unwritten rule that we are to have "recreational time" every day. So I'm required to have fun every day...I think I can manage that! :)

I have now been at the convent for almost a week. We will hopefully start wearing our postulant habits on Monday! Marie and I cannot wait to begin wearing them, so we will feel more "official".

Oh yes, I almost forgot...I watched my first Packer's game last night! It was a lot of fun...very exciting game. It was a late game though, so we went to bed at half-time. I did hear that there were two loyal fans who stayed up for the whole game. I couldn't do that. I was tired today just from staying up until 11:30pm! Good for them, though.


  1. Considering you haven't been living your 'habitually speaking' life for more than one week plus (and in fact without any official navy blue clothes), Kara, you sound happy! It is good to have you with us! Peace and all good!

  2. Kara, as a person who is currently discerning (in particular the FSCC), thank you so much for blogging about your daily experiences. I am finding it so fascinating, and have wondered what the sisters, novices and postulants do on a day-to-day basis. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!