Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Times

I had a fun day. After morning prayer, mass and breakfast, Sr. Pat taught Marie and I how to pray the Franciscan Crown. It is a seven decade rosary...we went on a "rosary walk" around the beautiful grounds of the convent. I loved having the seven decades because oftentimes by the time I finish five decades I am so peaceful that I don't want to stop the rosary.

I also spent some time today reading Robert Morneau's book Paths to Prayer. I have had the privilege of meeting him personally and listening to talks by him, so it is exciting that I get to study one of his books for my postulancy. What a wonderful person! He's a brilliant theologian, too. He's actually instructed some of the sisters in my community.

Once a month, all of the sisters in the motherhouse gather for recreation in the same room...that's a LOT of people. We played a trivia game about the community. Well, I participated on the sidelines this time...I'm still learning. But I had fun. I also had a chance to introduce myself. Against the advice of one of the sisters at my table, I announced my loyalty to the Detroit Lion's. :) Sr. Pamela Catherine and I have each other for support! I am becoming a Packer's fan...unless, of course they are playing the Lions!

We got to spend more time with the novices today! Their directress, Sr. Natalie, coached me in a game of Hand and first time playing. Apparently, learning how to play Hand and Foot the officially initiation into the community. I am glad I enjoy the game, because I'll be playing it for the rest of my life. Sr. Chiara and I won! :)

Time for bed. I need to start getting to bed earlier, since we wake up so early. I'm a night person, so I get tricked by how much energy I have at night. I have to be awake enough to remember to call the State of Michigan tomorrow. I need to get out of Jury Duty! Of all things...ok, I just put a sticky note on my monitor so I'll remember to call them tomorrow, because that's the last day I can call them before I get a court order. Sr. Myra Jean says she doesn't want me to go to jail.

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