Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some Good Fun

Things are going well at the convent. For my own spiritual reading, I am reading The God Who Won't Let Go by Peter Van Breemen. I keep it in my assigned pew in the chapel so that I make sure to read a little of it each day. It's amazing how much those minutes add up. It's a wonderful book that was recommended to me by a sister here. I usually read a paragraph or two, and reflect and pray, then another paragraph or two, reflect and pray. It's very deep, but well written and I'm really growing from reading it. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about God's personal love for him/her.

It's really funny how accustomed I've come to praying a few hours a day and receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion frequently. I used to try to give God 15 minutes every day, and if I was really motivated, I'd even go to daily mass. Now I can't imagine life without those hours spent in prayer.

I think I've mentioned in this blog how I am from lower Michigan, home of the Detroit Lions. Well, they played the beloved Green Bay Packers last Sunday (we won't go into the's too soon to talk about it). At 6 am last Sunday, I may or may not have played a practical joke on the Packers fans, and I may or may not have had an accomplice who also happens to be from Lower Michigan.

*Thank you Aunt Judy for the Lions/Packers reversible blanket you made for me! I put it to good use. :)

The following was done with permission of the head of the cafeteria:

It was all in good fun and the sisters enjoyed it!

On another positive note, some of my family was able to visit, and my community received their approval! It was very fun, and it made me feel even more at home here! :)

I am in the midst of midterms....

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  1. Your love for football makes me happy. That is something i do not want to give that up. I was looking forward to meeting you in November, but it does not like i will be going. God has other plans!

    Praying for you!