Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Feast Day!

Today was my first St. Francis Day! What a joyful day! Last night, we had the Transitus ceremony, and it reminded me a lot of the Easter was very nice. We even sang my favorite song, Canticle of the Sun. I've always liked the part about dancing in the forest and playing the fields. Then we got to sleep in this morning- a true blessing of St. Francis! We had a big breakfast and everyone was in high spirits. The kitchen staff went all out in making it a special time for us.

I had dishes. By the way, our dish washing machine looks like Willy Wonka donated it. It's pretty sweet. After dishes, we had St. Francis-themed morning prayer and....a St. Francis mass! The readings, music and homily all were about St. Francis.

Oh dear, I just realized that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is on!

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