Monday, September 28, 2009

Having fun is important

Wow, I've been busy! It's been a good busy though! My classes are all very interesting, but now I remember what it is like to be a college student again....always studying for some test, writing papers, doing projects, and reading, reading, reading. I am trying to find a balance between everything, while being patient with myself as I get used to it. I was incredibly busy in my undergraduate years as a student leader and student worker, and I didn't have time (read: make time) for a "life". At the convent, they believe that having a "life" outside of duties is very important. This must be one of the reasons why nuns live longer than most people.

One of the ways they do this is by making recreation a priority. It's not a reward for getting things accomplished, it's a priority. Last Friday, for instance, we had a Hootenanny. I had never heard of such a thing, but it was a lot of fun!

"An informal, festive performance by folk singers, often including audience participation with the use of acoustic instruments"

We sang some songs I've heard of and some that were new to me but old folk songs. I got to dance a little bit too. They played a polka song that brought me back to my Grand Rapidian roots. Of course I had to dance! It's the little things like this that make me feel at home.

Then yesterday was a glorious day! The Lions won! Unfortunately, we don't get their games in Wisconsin, but I kept reloading the Google page to keep track of the score, and every now and then, the Packers game would feature Detroit's game. I did get to see the epic ending of the Lions game. The Sisters, yes even the devout Packers fans, were celebrating with me. The Lions wons, the Bengals won, and the Packers won. Good day.


  1. I'm glad you value leisure as it enriches ministry by helping you be your renewed, best self. Yes, we Packer fans, supported the Lions and thought of you. Live the moment....everything falls into place and one knows the joy.

  2. Having fun together bonds the group and restores the spirit.I'm so glad you are enjoying the transition.

  3. It makes sense that a person like yourself who is fun should enjoy having fun. It is awesome, as are you. We in GR miss you. Dave

  4. Oh, yes, I remember the hootenanny's of the 60's in the high school gym. Thanks for the memories, Kara! I'm glad you're having fun! People at St. Thomas ask about you and are proud of you and are praying for you. You bring hope to the Church. Today Deacon Denny spoke about vocations in his homily. I miss you and love you and pray for you, Kara!
    Mom XO

  5. The Happy GardenerOctober 3, 2009 at 7:07 AM

    Kara, just read thru your blogs...absolutely delightful, creative, exquisitely sensitive to everything going on around you in this "new setting." Probably lots going on "inside" you,too. God calls...we respond...but God doesn't always clue us in to what that response is going to entail. You are so full of life and does one really "quiet it all down". Your blog speaks highly of how God is drawing "change" out of you. He says "leave all things behind...and come and follow Me." He must not realize how hard it is to "let go of everything", to let go of control over one's life and all it order to follow Him. I remember..."letting go". I think I cried alot those first few years...but I believed he had called me and wanted me here and I wasn't going to let anything, my past, my things I had to leave behind, interfere with that. And so, like everyone who came before me and has come after me, I learned..and I changed...and I'm still here. With you in prayer as you go thru your own "letting go...letting God"..and trusting in Him to see you thru. Love your blogs. They touch many of my own memories of when I first came here. I still go out at night to look at the stars!!! and listen to the crickets. Praying with you, for you... The Happy Gardener.

  6. I'm just getting back to reading your blog and see that you've had a hootenany. Like your mom, it takes me back to the 60's. There never was any trouble finding entertainment for the high school kids -- just have a hootenanny -- great fun! We also had one about once a week at the University of Notre Dame in the summers -- about 10:00 at night out under the trees. Great fun for us older students too! Glad you enjoyed the one at HFC. Keep up the great blogging!
    Sr. Catherine Gilles