Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photography and Basketball

Sr. Caritas Marie, Sr. Regina Rose, Sr. Leslie, Regina, and I just finished a game of basketball in the gym. We had a lot of fun together. It was 2 on 3, so we kept switching up the teams and we played zone ball so that a person would only be guarded by one person.

I also got a chance to practice shooting some action photos for my digital photography class. I experimented with the settings, and realized that if I have to choose, I prefer the "grainy" look to the "blurry" look.

Grainy look

Blurry look

I am hoping to learn how to get somewhere in the middle of these two. I think it would help to be in a brighter place.

We are in the experimental stage of the class right now...just getting used to using the different manual settings on our cameras, instead of relying on the ever popular Auto Setting.

I am also enjoying taking Logic (a philosophy class), which was a surprise for me, because I know people who love it and people who hate it. I wasn't expecting to be one of those who love it, because I always thought of my thinking process as more intuitive. I like the class, though, because I enjoy word problems, and that is essentially what it is. I must have had good teachers.

Church History and World Religions are also great classes, and they fit together really well. I'll write more about them in a future entry.

***Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Remember Roe? She's pro-life now. Please join her in prayer for a greater respect for all human life.


  1. How great that you are getting exercise and having fun. I always look forward to your posts and seeing events from your perspective. Peace and all good to you and the other novices!