Monday, January 9, 2012

My Mission Experience in Greenwood, Mississippi

I have been home from Mississippi for a little over 24 hours and the day has been full. Classes began today for the Spring Semester. I started working on my online class- World's Living Religions and I attended my first Digital Photography class. Tomorrow I have Logic and Church History (and more World's Living Religions).

Regina, Sister Regina Rose, Sister Leslie, and I have all been sharing stories about our mission experiences whenever we can. We also had evening praise and supper tonight with a high schooler....that was fun. She's a really nice person!

Things are going back to normal, but I am feeling refreshed and I had a wonderful time at St. Francis of Assisi in Greenwood, MS!

(For more pictures and also to view pictures of the experiences of Sr. Leslie, Sr. Regina Rose, and Regina, click here.)

I got to stay with Sr. Mary Beth, Sr. Mary Ann, Sr. Francis, Sr. Kathleen, and Sr. Annette. They are great Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity! We had fun together!

Greenwood, MS is where The Help was filmed, so one of the first things we did was go on a tour of Greenwood, and the Sisters pointed out the places that were in the movie. The hard part was to see, in person, the division between the poor and the rich, separated only by a bridge. Racism is also very strong.

After the tour, we ate at La Piñata, which has the tastiest refried beans I have ever eaten. That night, we watched The Help. It was my first time seeing it, and I loved it.

The Franciscan Friars of the Assumption BVM Province came to Greenwood in the early 1950s to establish a school and parish. They come over to FSCC's convent for morning prayer (and Mass when there isn't Mass at a later time).

       Camp Franciscan Reunion: Mrs. Toy and Jailynn! It was so good to see them again!
I also got to meet Jailynn's little brother Jy'Veon.

Another Camp Franciscan Reunion! It was great to visit with Daisy and
meet a few of her friends!

To sign up for Camp Franciscan 2012, click here! (Note: this is a PDF file.)

I got to judge the Spelling Bee alongside Sr. Mary Ann. It was an honor, and I enjoyed it very much! I was very impressed with all of the spellers!

Some hard work in Pre-K!

I went out for recess with the kindergarten a few times and it was always a fun time!

Throughout the week, I helped in Sr. Mary Ann's office (the principal), helped in classes, shared my vocation story, and other activities. This is a picture of me giving a math lesson to the kindergarten.
Throughout the week, I was very impressed with the quality of education offered. I realized that the students were a year ahead, knowledge-wise and maturity-wise than others I have worked with.

Favorite quote from one of Sr. Kathleen's kindergarteners:
"Sr. Monica, I know why you have a white veil and Sr. Kathleen has a black veil. It's because you are learning how to pray and when you know how to pray then you will get a black veil."

I also shared my vocation story with children, teens and adults at Sacred Heart Parish is Winona, MS, where Sr. Mary Beth serves as a Catechist for the children. Here are two of the children she works with.That was a nice community.

There is so much I could have shared in this entry, but this at least covers some of it!


  1. Thanks Sr. Monica! I had fun too!

    1. maggie were u at the camp in 2012 and in the eucharistic group?

  2. I believe this is the same school that our parish helps at Christmas time. Sometime I would like to make a trip there myself. Also that movie looks interesting. May have to try to get a copy. God bless you in you work Sister Moncia!

  3. Thanks so much Sister Monica for sharing yourself through this experience with our Sisters and the people in Greenwood! My prayers are with you as you continue to deepen your journey into God as a Franciscan Novice!
    With His joy,
    Sister Mary Ann

  4. You had marvelous experiences, Sister Monica. You have shared them so well.I'm glad you are learning to pray so you get your black veil!!!!
    Sister Rosangela