Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Visiting Time

My dad and Ginny visited me this weekend, and we had a great time! They stayed in a guest house, and we got to visit quite a bit in there. We played some games- Scattergories: The Card Game and Rummikub. On Saturday night we invited the rest of formation for a game night. Dad and Ginny taught us Euchre. Before, we had an idea of how to play, but we were confused about some of the rules. Now we know how to play for sure, and we had fun.

Sr. Rita Rose also gave us a tour of the Rare Book Room at Silver Lake College! It was fascinating! Did you know that there really are bookworms? We got to see the effects of them in a couple of the books! It was also wonderful to see the old Bibles. The whole experience made for good conversation.

Oh dear....sometimes so many things happen that it is hard to pick and choose what to write about in here. We got to visit with our Sisters who live at Chiara Convent tonight. It was nice just to spend time talking with them, praying evening prayer with them, and eating Luigi's pizza with them.

Now we are preparing for All Hallows Eve...we are putting the finishing touches on our Saints costumes...I can't say who we are going to be, because it's a "Guess Who?" party. We will also be going door-to-door in the infirmary tomorrow evening to show the Sisters there our costumes....they really enjoyed that last year.

I pray that you have a fun week!


  1. Sister Monica,

    You write the most interesting articles. I enjoy each one and your unique point of view. They are also a great length. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your Novitiate life with us.

  2. It is always good to read about all the good things you and the Sisters do Sister Monica. I really enjoyed my visit this summer, and I really appreciated how nice we were treated and those beautiful smiles. I get joyful just thinking about my visit.I pray all is well.
    I also want to thank Sister Mary Ann for inviting us as well.

  3. Sister Anne Marie- Thanks for your nice comment about my articles. I am glad that you are enjoying them.

    Mrs. Toy- I am so glad that you have such happy memories from your time at the motherhouse. I hope you can come back someday. I sure enjoyed seeing you here. You have such a warm spirit! Your first graders are blessed. Yes, things are going well. :) I keep you in prayer.