Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The End of Summer Brings New Beginnings

We have had some good times....I just love summers at the convent! On Saturday, Sr. Regina Rose, Sr. Leslie and I joined a couple of Sr. Mary Zigo's guests for a soccer game. We were going to play for 10 minutes and ending up playing for an hour....we were just having so much fun, so we didn't go in until it got dark out.

On Sunday, we were delighted to welcome Regina to the postulancy! You can read about her by clicking here.

We have gotten to eat with her a few times, and today we all went on a bike ride together, which was a lot of fun. Later on, we taught her how to play Hand and Foot, a favorite game of the Community! It is so great to hang out with Regina and I am so glad she is here!

We have also welcomed more International Sisters to our Motherhouse! Yay! Sr. Juliet is a Little Sister of St. Francis, and she is originally from Tanzania, Sister Constansia is a Franciscan Sister of St. Bernadette from Tanzania, and Sr. Emiliana is a Bene Maria Sister from Tanzania. Tomorrow, Sr. Rose Maura will arrive. She is a Immaculate Heart of Mary Sister from Nigeria. I am excited to get to know these Sisters, our "cousins!"

Last night, we went to the Serran Picnic, which is always a great time. Serra is the lay apostolate for vocations in the Catholic Church. Serrans promote and pray for vocations, and last night they fed us religious sisters, brothers and priests in the area and led BINGO! The Serran picnic always feels kind of like a family reunion...I just love it. I got to meet a few more Salvatorian Sisters, and that was great. (We help out at the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse.)

For more about Serra, click here:

I hope and pray that your summer has been enjoyable, and that you have been able to stay cool! I know that it has been hot and dry in a lot of areas....

For those of you who went to World Youth Day, our Community has been praying a ton for you!!! We are members of the Apostleship of Prayer and Pope Benedict's intention for the month is: "That World Youth Day in Madrid may encourage young people throughout the world to have their lives rooted and built up in Christ." Throughout month of August, we have been praying for that intention during morning prayer.


  1. I remember the blog post when you mentioned learning how to play hand and Foot, how time flies!

  2. It really does! I remember learning it, too! I can't believe it's been two years already...

  3. Happy Feast of St. Monica---Sister Monica! May you be as enduring and steadfast in your prayers (and in your blog postings) as St. Monica was in conversations with God and others. Peace and all good!