Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Couple New FSCC Blogs!

I would like to take the opportunity to invite you all to visit blogs by two of our professed sisters:

Sierra Vista Sister-Franciscan is a lovely blog written by Sr. Carol Siedl to document her experiences at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish in Sierra Vista, AZ.

It is a new mission site for our Sisters, and having Sisters around is a new thing for the parish. Sr. Carol and Sr. Mary Gabriel, the two Sisters who were sent there, have been greeted with a plentitude of hospitality from the Sierra Vista community! I know I am excited to continue to read of their adventures!

In Franciscan Retreat, Sr. Julie Ann invites you to read, reflect, pray, share; discern. As you peruse the blog on your own, you will find that it is not "just another blog on retreats" but a valuable roadmap to finding direction in your life.

Perhaps, you too, will feel called to attend a retreat with the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. They are spiritually enriching and fun! When I came to retreats here before I entered, I found it refreshing to meet others who are discerning God's will as well!

I would like to personally thank the people who nominated Franciscanized World for Best Blog by Religious, SisterMaryAnn Tweets for Best Microblog and Habitually Speaking for Best Spiritual Blog. It is such an honor and we really appreciate it!
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  1. Thanks for all the positive press Sister Monica! It is a blessing being able to be in touch with other's lives via these blogs!!!

  2. I really enjoy following all the FSCC blogs and I thank you for making so many aware of them. Your blog always makes me smile... to see religious life through the eyes of a novice is a blessing.

  3. I voted for all three, because I know you all are deeply inspired by the Holy Spirit. And you all are beautiful and joyful women of God. And you are real. Real people. Down to earth women of faith. A rare breath of fresh air. And I am privileged to know you all, especially my dear daughter, Sister Monica - I am so proud of you and so blessed by you! All my love!

  4. Thanks for your Sierra Vista post. I'm quite interested in this new mission. I just talked to Sister Mariadele and she said it is located in beautiful country.
    --Sr. Ruth Ann

  5. Thanks Sr. Ruth Ann! I also am very interested!

  6. I am testing this. Seems our school computer system is blocking any posting.
    Sister Jan