Sunday, November 22, 2009

City Girl Goes to a Dairy Farm

Today, I went with Marie and a couple of the other sisters to the farm that Sr. Anne grew up in. It was so much fun. What great pet therapy! I got to help milk the cows! I had never done that before! In case anyone is confused by my sweatshirt...I'm wearing black under it. I still wear a uniform, I just needed to wear a sweatshirt and that was what I had. They don't want me to freeze. :)

We also got to drink some (cold) milk from the cows. It tastes really good. And we saw black pigs! They will be butchered in two weeks.

The Lions won today! :)


  1. Thanks! :) That's a great compliment!

  2. That looks like tons of fun! I'm really glad they want to keep you alive! It would be very sad if you froze to death! I can't believe that the Lions won AGAIN! It's incredible!


    Totus tuus Maria!

  3. GREAT pics :o) happy thanksgiving girl!

  4. Isn't it great to be in a rural area? Alot of work but real bonding in families and with nature.