Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We are 141 Years Old!

This is going to be a rather quick entry. I am currently in a surreal state of mind, the one you get after completing a major task, and you know its over....but then, wow, it's over? Yesterday was Founders' Day, commemorating our 141st year as a community. Every year, the first year novices put on a program covering some aspect of our history. This year, we (the novitiate community) chose to focus on Healthcare Ministry. So we scoured through our novitiate archives, interviewed Sisters, took lots of pictures, and I put together a PowerPoint. We presented it in the afternoon for the St. Rita's Sisters and in the evening for the rest of the Sisters. It was a bigger undertaking than thought, but it was very enlightening and enriching. It made me even more proud to have joined this community.

So it's over, but don't worry, I'm not without things to do. We (the novitiate community) are in charge of the community social on Sunday, and I am working on a topic proposal for a research paper. Also, there is a retreat this weekend! I am looking forward to meeting all the young women who will be staying with us for a few days!


  1. Kara! Or should I say, Sister Monica :o)You've been on my mind lately so I thought I would say "hi". Glad to see that you are still posting on here, keep it up! Hope all is well, you're in my prayers, please pray for me! <3

  2. Hi Alissa! So good to hear from you, and thanks for your comment. I do pray for you, and you are in my thoughts a lot. Especially since one of the postulants, Rose, did NET, and whenever she brings it up, I think, Aw....Alissa did that! Thanks so much for your prayers, too. I am doing VERY well. Well take good care!